Arvind Kejriwal Reduced Diesel Price Rs 8 in VAT

Arvind Kejriwal Reduced Diesel Price Rs 8 in VAT

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced a reduction in the Value Added Tax (VAT) on Deisel. From Existing price to Reduce 30 to 16.75%, Saying the move will help propel Delhi’s Economy. Among that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Officially confirmed to reduce Deisel Price by Rs 8.36 in Delhi due to VAT cut.

Rising the Diesel prices created a furore as for the First time, Diesel was costed more than Petrol in the National Capital. Last month, the prices were hiked for 18 days straight, as diesel prices were increased by Rs 10.48 a litre, while the petrol price has increased by Rs 8.50 per litre.

The diesel price will now come down from Rs 82 a litre to Rs 73.64 a litre, he said and added that traders and industrialists in the city had demanded it. The decision was taken in a meeting of the Delhi Cabinet chaired by the chief minister.