Best 5 Tips for Quick Stress Relief | Health Tips

Best 5 Tips for Quick Stress Relief | Health Tips

Stress is most powerful to make a man abnormal. System workers, Daily wages and IT Workers have more work pressure and here are the tips to reduce your stress quickly. Follow these 5 Tips to quick stress relief.

Breathing Exercise: Long deep breaths in and exhale. Repeat at least 5-10 mins.

Self-Care: Eat Vitamin, Protein Rich Foods, Get 8hrs complete sleep, Exercise trice a week and take care of your body.

Meditation: Meditation is the better stress relief, studies have shown that meditation or religious prayer can help reduce stress.

Daily Breaks: Take a coffee break. Take a Walk. Chat with friends Giving your mind a momentary distraction will reduce stress levels.

Break from Work: Give Break to your brain. Complete your works in work time, not continue in Home.