Follow these Steps to Avoid Cavity | Health Tips

Follow these Steps to Avoid Cavity | Health Tips

What Causes Cavities?

Cavities are known as Decayed teeth. Basically people think the only children get cavities, it can also affect adults. Eating more sugar foods and Carb foods can affect the teeth.

Sugary Foods:

Sugars help to feed the Oral bacteria. When more sugar is on your teeth, Bacteria Feeds on it.

Sugary Drinks:

Sugary drinks are more likely to pass through smaller crevices in your teeth.

Dry Mouth:

Saliva helps to prevent tooth decay, a lack of it makes the mouth more susceptible to cavities.

Lack of Fluoride:

Fluoride, common ingredients in toothpaste and mouth rinses, Which helps to prevent cavities.

Lack of Tooth Brushing:

Quick Oral Washing after eating, Brush Twice a Day. which helps to prevent from Tooth Decay.