Follow these steps to avoid Depression | Health Tips

Follow these steps to avoid depression health tips
Follow these steps to avoid depression | health tips

Sleep on time

sleeping is one of the best medicine for your whole body. Because sleeping is decided your health almost the whole body is activation due to mental health and physical health. instead of this lack of sleep make your body dull and leads to mental distraction easily.

*creating a bedtime routine
*avoiding using electronic equipment before going to bed

Be calm and stress-free

There is considered to be a relationship between stress in a person’s life and depression or anxiety.

A 2012 study conducted with veterinary students found stress had a negative impact on mental health, life satisfaction, and general health.

Do yoga every day

yoga is one of the best exercises to your whole body it scientifically proved .it always keeps your mind in calmness. and get you away from stress and depression .normally this generation faces the major problem like stress and depression because they started work at all time they cant maintain is mental and physical health.the yoga is the solution for mental and physical health.

Health healthy food

studies say when we eat healthy food the body starts reacting well and keep your mind in a comfort way, eating is also one of the sources of depression. eat food at correct time. eating unsaturated fats by cooking with olive *grapeseed oil and adding nuts and seeds to meals
*avoiding trans fats found in processed meat, ready meals, cookies, and cakes

*eating more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables

Avoid alcohol and smoking

For most people, moderate alcohol consumption is not a problem, but for people with depression, alcohol or drug use can make their symptoms worse.

It can be a vicious cycle, but while many people take medication, there are natural techniques available that can help deal with both disorders at the same time.