“Hyundai Santro is My Favourite car” | Shah Rukh Khan Open Ups

"Hyundai Santro is My Favourite car" | Shah Rukh Khan Open Ups

King Khan Open ups about the long-lasting relationship with Hyundai, Once Khan entered the Film Industry, adding at that time there was no concept of brand ambassadorship or even modeling for products.

I always tell everybody, MD and Team. My all-time Favourite Car is “Santro Wala”. I am the ” Santro Wala”. and He loves the model and He said, “One, I love the name. I think certain things have a great name. Santro just had a great name. I am sure Creta is very good and all of them are very good but Santro had a ring to it. Because of the advertising of ‘Santro Wala’ it was very nice.”

” When I was to be the ambassador, for me it was, confidence invoking and I felt very important”.

When he was signing he was very clear to work with them for a long period and it can only be long term when your brand is doing well.

” Becoming a brand ambassador may be fashionable and it’s cool but I think a brand ambassador cannot help if the product is not good.” Also, he was continuing the last 22 years with Hyundai because they have been able to give something New and Good with their Cars”, Khan Said.