Tips to Remove your Sun Tan | Health Tips

Tips to Remove your Sun Tan | Healthy Tips

Skin is the Larger organ in the Human body. It covers the entire body. 75-80% Body was closed by cloths. Balance 20% were open-air, Like Face and Hands. The pollutions and Rays may affect our skin Easily. Even we can prevent our skin from Pollution by Cover the skin. but rays may affect to Skin tan. The skin tan reduces skin color and dry. Follow these Tips to Remove and Prevent the tan.

Potato Juice

Honey and Lemon Juice

Tomato and Yogurt

Gram Flour with Turmeric

Potato Juice:

Potatoes help to remove the darkness of your skin. The juice of potato helps to bleach your skin effectively.

Apply raw potato juice in your skin. Also use potato slices on your eyes to remove the dark around the eyes, Wash off after 10-15 Mins once it dries.

Honey and Lemon Juice:

Lemon Contains Citric Acid which helps to bleach and remove tan from your skin. Mix Lemon Juice & Honey. apply on your skin and Wait for 30 mins to dry, and wash off. add some sugar to scrub your skin to remove your dead cells.

Tomato and Yogurt:

Yogurt contains Lactic Acids which helps to soften the skin and Tomato Contains Rich Antioxidants that help to Brighten Skin.

Add Raw Tomato and Remove the skin add 3-4 tsp Yogurt and Blend it.
Apply this mixture on your tan, and wash off after 20 mins.

Gram Flour with Turmeric:

Turmeric is an Excellent Skin Mixture to Brightening the skin, Also Gram Flour helps to glow the skin.

Mix Turmeric Powder and Gram Flour with water or milk and make it paste. Apply this mixture in your skin and scrub gently. wash off after dry. Regular use will help to fade the tan from the skin.